In the previous post, we set up a Spring Boot project and implemented a couple of Amazon Simple Notification Service (SNS) tasks. In this post, we will continue to integrate Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS). First, we will develop a client to connect Amazon SQS. Then, we will create queues by using this client. In the final step, we are going to subscribe to the Amazon SNS to redirect a specific message to the corresponding queue.

Note: You can download the code as a Kotlin+Gradle project from here

Running LocalStack

We need to add Amazon SNS and SQS in the docker-compose file.

LocalStack on the local environment
LocalStack on local environment

LocalStack is an open-source Amazon Web Services (AWS) mocking service. Also, it supports aws-cli commands in the shell. We can use LocalStack to test and debug our code without deploying it on the Amazon environment. LocalStack comes with three versions: standard, pro, and enterprise. The standard version already provides common AWS APIs such as Lambda, SNS, SQS, S3.

In this post, we are going to integrate Spring Boot with the Simple Notification Service (SNS) of AWS on the local environment by using the LocalStack. First, we will run LocalStack and then connect to the SNS service from Spring Boot by…

In this post, we will dive into the JPA Repository implementation of the Spring Framework. Spring provides a strong infrastructure for database operations. It generates necessary queries in the background so that the database operations are abstracted. In addition to the crud operations, other database features such as pagination can be implemented event without writing single line of query code.

In this post, we will create a coin model to show some of the JpaRepository features like querying, pagination, filtering, and deletion. The implementation of this project can be found at

Create Project

Spring initializr provides templates for Spring Boot projects…

Spring Boot

In this post, we will create a very simple hello world example by using the Spring Boot with Kotlin language. The key idea is to implement a rest controller to return the famous message: Hello World!

The first step to manage the project is to use a build management system such as Gradle or Maven. In this tutorial, we will use Gradle to compile and run the project.

Create an Empty Spring Boot Project

Writing all the required configurations is a time-consuming and error-prone task. Luckily, Spring Initializr is an online service to provide starter templates for Spring Boot projects. Let us open and select…

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